Curated Technology Partnerships + Funding

    20 + Years experience in New Business Development and Client facing sales innovation work

    As you will see under my 'Ten word story' I roadmap companies to new revenue opportunities ...


    Sounds straightforward but it has been developed, practiced, and refined to an art for intuitive connecting and delivering deep value as a relationship capital strategist.


    I understand big picture opportunities that traditional sales forces may not see and accelerate key introductions which help drive new revenues...


    21st Century Mapmaker, Relationship Architect, and Revenue Mapping specialist are all titles that might apply to my work.

    I have worked in sales and management with focus on new business in the voice/data/network, IaaS, SaaS, hospitality, and wireless industries and have access to subject matter experts in a variety of high tech interests. Cloud, fiber management, software defined network (SDN) solutions, and even game changing network security diversification technologies are areas I am exploring, and expertise that I have access to. My solution portfolio now expands into IoT, Robotics, and work with some high level go to market experts across the US.


    In addition to the promotion of services, I have successfully introduced and helped recruit key IT or management talent for some

    start up companies.


    In summary, I have proven skill sets gained across numerous assignments focused on:


    •  Tech to Commercialization
    •  New Business Development 
    •  New Client Acquisition 
    •  Talent Sourcing
    • Curated partnerships + Funding


    In short, there are no boundaries on my ability to connect companies, customers, investors, and partners to help accomplish your goals.

    I have helped individuals and organizations qualify and 'win' numerous projects, new channels and sales with contracts spanning the globe from Canada to London.


    No boundaries.


    Currently working on...

    I am engaging in some current and soon to be negotiated Curated Growth opportunities including;


    • Channel and Product Development for compelling Security and BI software 
    • Curated introduction campaign for highly innovative Capital Subscription offering
    • Scope of work and Foundation plan for new urban Connectivity and Infrastructure company
    • SME introductions matched to growing product portfolio for IoT, and Machine learning SME's
    • Additional PE and curated contacts delivered to expanding Fintech operator 


    The deliverables I produce for these and other clients are both tangible and intangible, but consistently generate and act as a trust multiplier across client and targeted customer portfolios.


    As the newly named "Relationship Economy" gains visibility and validation, I am deeply poised for helping companies navigate current turbulence and find or build invaluable high trust bridges of revenue and referrals.


    The work typically results in the form of accelerated introductions to key decision makers or collaborative companies that can influence my clients growth through sales and partnering.





  • Current Clients

    Curated Growth Executive

    Sales Partner

    Armarius Software


    Armarius Software is a rebranded 4 pillar software platform with proven market advances in security, Business Intelligence, Flow and Support. SMS helps organizations achieve lower costs of compliance by automating IT audit workflows, harmonizing controls with policy requirements, and providing greater visibility across IT assets for optimal security and compliance management.

    Cohesive Networks


    Cohesiveft is an award winning and highly innovative Chicago cloud networking organization delivering solutions across enterprises since 2008.

    They host Cloud Camp Chicago (as well as in London and Brazil) with over 1000 customers across 20 countries.


    Introduced at level of COO, I have delivered key executive introductions and conversations which are driving to new contracts across global healthcare, telecom and conferencing industries.

    Iron Layer Security


    Iron Layer Security is a start up with an evolving tailored algorithm platform for preventing traditional or current breaching of encrypted data. It is a innovative solution engineered to offer a groundbreaking solution for securing data at rest, in motion, and in the cloud based on unique cryptanalysis platform & design.




    Consistent production of executive level introductions impacting client growth and visibility.

    Relationship Capital Strategist

    Typically introduced warmly into 'C' suite or company ownership level via my own network or high integrity advisors

    Emerging Technologies

    AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud and Virtualization, Security diversification IP, and Software defined network technologies

    New Venture

    Known for rapid development of sales pipelines and first customer engagements for IT Start Ups and New tech ventures

    Curated Partnerships

    Key talent or customer acquisition work helping clients accelerate sales and partner footprint against competitors


    A reflection of my diverse network and industries

    Paul Kubina






    Business Development at Forbes Technical Consulting

    In the stressful, “hurry up and wait” world of business. Steve’s professionalism and attention to detail makes him the ideal business partner. He can effectively read and analyze a complex business goals and align the right solution. Steve keeps track of business trends and technology.

    I appreciate Steve’s quick responsiveness, clear and concise communications (both written and oral) and organization skills. In my role, I have worked many professionals, and very few have Steve’s abilities and professional perseverance. The persistence speaks of his commitment for his client base.

    In closing, He brings positive attitude and energy that is contagious. All in all - I enthusiastically endorse Steve as a trusted business colleague and partner


    Joe DePaola







    & Cloud Solutions Architect



    Steve Nemetz is the guru of creating sales and customer referral partnerships . Since Steve operates on a high level of integrity combined with his personable nature, he quickly gains the trust and support of his relationships. Steve was absolutely crucial to our team's success and would highly recommend him to be part of any team looking to grow out their channel organization in a quick, stable and profitable manner.


    Kevin Ackles






    Family Business/ Family Office/ Executive Benefits/ Compensation Consulting/ Strategy at Momentum Advanced Planning

    I have known Steve for some time and appreciate the trust and integrity he brings to my business network and the opportunities he provides.

    He recently helped accelerate a key corporate introduction; Steve has also provides me with his unique perspective and intelligent discussion points around new business or strategic partnering ideas.

    Steve is thoughtful and gifted in leveraging the "art" of a mutually beneficial introduction and I look forward to other avenues and opportunities to include his experience and creative thinking. I will continue to recommend Steve.


  • My ten Word 'Story'

    Curated introductions that help companies 'Roadmap' new technology and revenue